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Proof: We Are Living in the Last Days – Sex in Church

So I see this poster on the bus.
You’re probably thinking,”big deal.” That’s because I had to take the picture with my phone on a moving bus. I couldn’t photograph the whole poster and make it clear also.
What you can’t see is that the man is standing in front of a church. He is standing in front of his church and telling us that he gets AIDS tests because he cares about his congregation.
What does that mean?
1. He is sexually active. People who aren’t don’t need AIDS tests.
2. He is having sex with the people in his congregation. He said he asks for the test because he cares about them. If he wasn’t having sex with his congregation; he wouldn’t get the test out of concern for them.
3. He is the Pastor of the church. That’s the connotation I get when he says, “my congregation.”
4. The District Department of Health couldn’t confirm that he is the Pastor of the church, but they did tell The Freedom Fighter that he is definitely a real person, not an actor or model, and the message is his.
Wow. Is that kind of sex life the Bible teaches us to have?
It’s surely the doctrine the Government wants the church to preach.
The ACA is requiring employers who provide health insurance to provide contraception, abortions, and all types of reproductive health services to their employees free of charge. This includes religious employers and organizations such as hospitals and soup kitchens.
Are you ready to see a bowl of Barack Obama Condoms next to the holy water?

Now slow down on calling me out for saying that churches are required to pay for this sinful stuff. I know Obama “compromised” and let the churches off by requiring the insurance companies to provide these products and services free of charge instead of the employers.

Have you ever been told the magicians secret? They keep your eyes occupied with much action by one hand while the other hand you’re not watching is doing the part of the trick they don’t want you to see.

Did he fool you with that one? Not if you have a basic understanding of business and economics.

There is no free-lunch. Call your health insurance agency and tell them you want your toothpaste, deodorant, tampons, etc. to be covered by them with no co-pay.

Every human being has sex. If a person is not having sex, he wants to be having sex. The global contraceptive industry is expected to earn $13.5 billion a year by 2015. – bcc Research

These things cannot be produced and brought to market without someone paying for them. If the church is offering the insurance plan; that means they are subsidizing a portion of the price of the plan. Even with the burden put on the insurance companies; the churches will still be paying for contraceptives and abortions.

You already know this of course. If you’re reading this, you probably consume news from other sources also; non State-Controlled Media sources that also tell the truth, and they have all said the same thing all this week.

This is what they haven’t said:

They know that the churches know that regardless of the compromise; by complying and continuing to offer health insurance to their employees, they will still be financing sin. They know the churches won’t accept this and will simply stop offering health insurance.

I don’t know what America’s share of that $13.5 billion a year is, but whatever it is it’s too much for anyone to give away. With the insurance companies required to provide contraceptives, abortions, and preventive care free of charge; they’ll have no choice but to either raise the premiums to a point of being unaffordable or go out of business.

The government wants a monopoly on health insurance and health care. This is just one their ways of getting it.

Keep this in mind during this church condom controversy. Watch how their plan to snare us all in their trap unfolds. Remember that their goal is to ruin the health insurance industry so that you have nowhere to go but to them.

We are very lucky that the ACA has not yet gone into full effect. They delayed it because the uproar over things like this and everything else coming down the pike would ensure Obama’s defeat in this year’s election. It is a fortunate thing that this year is an election year. We have an opportunity to elect a Congress that will write a bill to repeal the ACA. Not repeal and replace. Repeal. We have an opportunity to elect a President that will sign that bill into law thus restoring our right to control over our own finances, bodies and health care.


Use Your Club Card If You Want to Live

Is consumer advocate Clark Howard a shill for Big Brother? He said that when he signs up for the grocery store club cards; he uses a dead president’s name to throw the dogs off the scent. I agree with him. Although I’m not up to anything illegal; I have many aliases for conducting various anonymous business.

I think it was about twenty years ago when my local store introduced the club card. I asked for the card and quickly returned it when I saw all the personal questions on the application. They said the information was for store use only: demographics and marketing. I didn’t believe them. I couldn’t understand how their knowledge of everything about me made prices lower. I decided that my privacy was worth more than a few discounts.

It turns out that prices are often considerably better with the club card, and now every grocery store in my city had one. I knew there must be a conspiracy. I couldn’t figure it out, but I knew I didn’t want to be involved.

It was becoming harder to put food on the table. My city at the time didn’t have dollar stores or discount grocery stores. Prices steadily rose, unless you had the card. Why do they want us all in their clubs just so we can afford to eat? Now, I needed the club benefits, but not the membership.

OK there, Girly. Do you think we can get an honest count, or is that against the policy of the store? Wait. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait, Wait. Wait a minute. What's with the hit-and-run on the keys, there? What's with the holding hands? I oughta be able to hold more than that for what your'e charging in here!

One day someone ahead of me in line filled an application for the card. I noticed that the cashier didn’t ask for any identification and just took the application without even reading it and handed the customer a new card. A light bulb turned on in my head. I asked for an application and filled out all false information; and, just like that; I could once again buy groceries at reasonable prices.
I never hesitate to join the clubs today. I’ve never told anyone about my alias use, but I figured there would be some other people who would have figured out the trick. I was kind of shocked to hear Clark Howard talk about it on the radio today. I think it means Big Brother has finally figured it out too.

“Just because you’re paranoid; doesn’t mean they’re not after you.”  – Kurt Cobain

I’m not a paranoid conspiracy theorist. I believe every word of the Bible is the truth and the word of God. Because God made this world; I believe he knows what is going to happen to it. John of Patmos was told the future by an angel of God and  instructed to reveal the Apocalypse to us in the book of Revelations. Big Brother is coming. Revelations says that all men will be subject to the ruler of the new world order government. Now you can either do this the easy way or the hard way. They’re trying to get us to do it the easy way now. If we don’t submit willingly, then they will have to use force. Their usual persuasion tools are fear and, the children. How many times have you heard them ask you to do it for the children? They know you fear for children’s safety, and will do anything to protect them. You don’t have kids? So. Only an inhumane monster wouldn’t do it for the children. They love to appeal to your emotions: safety, security. Remember all the times they asked you to give up just a bit of liberty in exchange for safety? The FDA, DEA, BATF-E, national speed limit, helmet laws, Patriot Act, Department Homeland Security, TSA, NDAA?

Do you want to be safe? Do you want to get sick and die from food poisoning? No? Clark Howard said today that even though he used to use aliases for his club cards; he doesn’t anymore and he recommends that you don’t either. He said that the government uses the club card databases to track the origins of food-borne illnesses and for some reason; if we don’t all sign up for them with our real information; scientists, doctors, and the government won’t be able to do this anymore and we’ll all die from salmonella and e-coli…

I heard a story about a man who was paying the non-smoking rate for his health insurance. The insurance company told him they were changing him to the smoking rate because his club card records indicated that he had bought cigarettes. The totalitarianism is coming one little step at a time. They are going to slowly creep it up on you so you won’t see it coming. When the Affordable Care Act is in full effect; there will be less free, independent Americans. When the care of your very own personal body is under the domain of the federal government; they will be able to control and rule over every minute aspect of your life, and these club cards will be one of the tools used to do it.

I ask a question to the people who applied for club cards with their true identities. These past few years when certain food items became contaminated and killed people: strawberries, spinach, lemons, eggs, peanut butter, cantaloupes, et al; did the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or National Institute of Health call you and say that they were calling to warn you not to eat that food you recently bought?

I’m going to go ahead and call shenanigans on this one. I won’t be a sleepwalking sheep and fall for this lie. I remember food recalls happening long before the use of club cards. The CDC has tracked outbreaks since the ’70s. The CDC tracked a case of botulism in 1971 to the manufacturer from two victims; a man and his wife; without club cards.

Clark Howard, you are a prominent, trusted consumer advocate, but I’m not going to trust you this time. Jim White, I mean, “Rutherford B. Hayes” *-) will continue to buy his genetically modified, irradiated, high fructose corn syrup, codex compliant foodstuffs at a discounted price with his club card obtained surreptitiously. That is until they pass the laws outlawing alias use on the Internets and then apply those laws to the real world.