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The Unconfirmed, Inaccurate, Illegal News Story

A tragic event occurred two days ago. Many young children were brutally slaughtered by a crazed madman while they attended school. These knife attacks on schoolchildren have been a curious rising epidemic in China since 2010. It is fortunate that individual private gun ownership is illegal there because they may have been used instead of knives in the multitude of past knife attacks, resulting in more deaths. Maybe the incident two days ago will prompt the Chinese Communist Party to outlaw blades for private citizens. The only people who should have knives are chefs, butchers, and certified/licensed martial arts practitioners.

America grieves today for the victims of this tragedy in China. Many prayers in America are being prayed for the families affected by this psychopath… What?


I’m being told that I’m wrong. The tragedy, apparently happened here in America. I’m told that it wasn’t a knife, but a multiple gun attack that happened in Newtown, Connecticut.

So, another false flag operation so soon? Yes, it is the usual series of events – multiple, well-trained, military operatives enter a public place, kill many people, kill the patsy, make it look like a suicide, the eyewitnesses and media first report multiple shooters, they are ordered to shut up, then nation mourns then demands more gun-control.

Oh, I’m sorry. Please forgive my transgression.


Yes, that’s what happened. That’s how it happened. Lt. J. Paul Vance said so, and that’s how it is. Only he is authorized to say anything about it, so that’s it.

If you can’t handle a few Sunday School words; you may want to skip the next paragraph.

Lt. J. Paul Vance – Fuck You. With all due respect, sir; Go Fuck Yourself.

I do not believe the “official” story that was handed down to me by my slave-masters, and as a free-sovereign individual American; I am not required to, and I have a God-given right to say whatever I please.

Robert Holmes, the father of the patsy of the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado wrote a computer program that could detect banking/financial fraud. His program implicated the Illuminati criminals in the International Banking Syndicate. He was to testify in congress on the LIBOR Scandal, but he didn’t because his son was set-up to take the rap for shooting 12 people in a movie theatre.

Peter Lanza, the father of the patsy of the Sandy Hook shooting, is an Ernst & Young partner and VP and Tax Director at General Electric. Maybe he helps them to avoid paying any taxes the billions of dollars they earn. Maybe he doesn’t help, and was planning to whistle-blow when he testifies on the LIBOR scandal before congress. Maybe he’ll change his mind. Maybe killing his ex-wife and son and blaming his son for the murder of 20 schoolchildren sent him a clear message.



I’ve never stormed a building and shot or incapacitated the occupants like a SWAT team or infantry unit would, but I believe it would be very difficult to do for someone without military or SWAT training. I believe someone like, patsy Adam Lanza was incapable of such an operation. The coroner said that each victim was shot 3 to 7 times. Do you believe this dork who probably couldn’t catch or throw a football could do that much aiming, firing, and reloading? I’ve never seen a human shot before, but I’ve seen deer on the road ripped apart by trucks. It’s not pretty. I kill animals for food. It’s not easy or comfortable. I don’t like doing it, but I do to feed my family. I’m sure the gruesomeness of seeing a child’s body destroyed by 3 to 7 bullets would make many people sick enough to vomit, but I’m supposed to believe it didn’t bother him?HC Adam Lanza.jpg The recording of the Newtown police scanner reveals the police talking about multiple shooters. An eyewitness reported multiple suspects, but this is the unconfirmed, inaccurate, illegal story from a social website with no authority or credibility. The Freedom Fighter is not ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX or Clear Channel, so what is printed here is therefore untrue and invalid.

Lt. J. Paul Vance, I am guilty of posting “misinformation” on a social media website. My name is Jim L. White III. I am guilty of not obeying your orders to only use information that came from you or your microphone. Please discuss this matter with the federal authorities so they may use the NSA and DHS to determine my IP address and locate the computer I used to disseminate this contrary information. Feel free to go to my contact page and use that information to communicate with me and arrange for me to turn myself in. I deserve to be punished for being such a defiant rebel. This breach of mine is a serious offense to law, order and civility. How dare I give out unconfirmed, inaccurate information? Only a terrorist would do that. Please make sure my name gets put on the no-fly list so that I can’t get on an international flight to abscond from justice/tyranny. Maybe you should ask Obama to send a drone to my location and shoot me with a missile.

I will not STFU! Come and make me!