May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

The Freedom Fighter Is

“I am acting with regard to it in the spirit which animated a celebrated traveler. He found himself in the midst of a savage tribe. A child had just been born, and a crowd of soothsayers, magicians, and quacks were around it, armed with rings, hooks, and bandages. One said — “This child will never smell the perfume of a calumet, unless I stretch his nostrils.” Another said — “He will be without the sense of hearing, unless I draw his ears down to his shoulders.” A third said — “He will never see the light of the sun, unless I give his eyes an oblique direction.” A fourth said — “He will never be upright, unless I bend his legs.” A fifth said — “He will not be able to think, unless I press his brain.” “Stop!” said the traveler. “Whatever God does, is well done; do not pretend to know more than He; and as He has given organs to this frail creature, allow those organs to develop themselves, to strengthen themselves by exercise, use, experience, and liberty.”

God has implanted in mankind, also, all that is necessary to enable it to accomplish its destinies. There is a providential social physiology, as well as a providential human physiology. The social organs are constituted so as to enable them to develop harmoniously in the grand air of liberty. Away, then, with quacks and organizers! Away with their rings, and their chains, and their hooks, and their pincers! Away with their artificial methods! Away with their social workshops, their governmental whims, their centralization, their tariffs, their universities, their State religions, their gratuitous or monopolizing banks, their limitations, their restrictions, their moralizations, and their equalization by taxation! And now, after having vainly inflicted upon the social body so many systems, let them end where they ought to have begun — reject all systems, and make trial of liberty — of liberty, which is an act of faith in God and in His work.” –  Frederic Bastiat’s “The Law

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My goal is to educate Americans on the history of our country and the philosophies of those who founded it. America has strayed from the principles and values of its creation. These fundamentals are why our country is the greatest and most prosperous in the world, but it will not stay so if we fail to live under the laws of the Constitution and forget the doctrines of the Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

With this education and understanding, we the people can put the course of this nation back on the right track. My goal is to have a well-informed, competent voting public. America doesn’t need to have another civil war, or term-limits, or even to make any new laws or constitutional amendments. All that we need is to elect true civil servants, not career politicians, who will tell us what their principles and values are, and stick to them. I will show you how to pick those people out.

The Freedom Fighter, in each issue will discuss:

1. Each part of the Constitution: What it means in plain English, the circumstances surrounding its writing, and its relevance today.

2. Congress and government agencies: What their proper roles are and what they are doing to promote or oppose personal freedom.

3. Military and militias: Their history and current events.

4. Money: How our money works and how one can use it to secure personal freedom.

5. Biographies on freedom fighters, historical and contemporary.

Why am I doing this? No one will be free until we are all free. I’ve studied history, and I see it repeating itself. I’m afraid that my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will be unlawfully taken from me. We need to support each other, because they can’t take yours unless they can take mine too.

“The Freedom Fighter” is for everyone, but it is America-centric, because I don’t feel that we are able to guarantee for other countries the type of personal liberty that we are privy to. Other countries have sovereign monarchs, or dictators, etc… The only way they can attain freedom is by coup, revolution or civil war. America is unique in that every person here is sovereign. That is what I am trying to get us to know, understand and act on. For the people in the oppressed lands of North Korea,China,Cuba,Venezuela, Burma/Myanmar,Somalia,Sudan,Iran,Pakistan,Afghanistan, et al; I can only suggest that you do whatever it takes to defect and find your way here to the U.S.A.

Contemporary Americans don’t know what it is like to not have freedom. I believe this is a reason why so many of us are willing to do things that jeopardize it. Your personal testimony of Tyranny and oppression will show us how unique and precious what we have is, and hopefully motivate some to take action to keep it. I don’t believe in spreading Democracy, but I do believe in leading by example. Reagan’s “shining beacon on a hill”.

Read “The Freedom Fighter” and contribute your thoughts.