May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

Pajama Boy Is A Conservative Talk Radio Gatekeeper

I went to the National Press Club headquarters, handed the secretary my application and business card and told her to sign me up. “I’m ready to become a member.”

She looked at my application, asked some questions, then looked at my website and said that I did not qualify for membership. “Why not?”, I asked.

To qualify for a journalist membership to the National Press Club, one must be a reporter, editor, writer, publisher; editorial and news cartoonist or artist; news photographer or videographer; producer, president or general manager; librarian, web master or other editorial employee of a regularly issued news outlet that is supported by advertising , paid subscriptions, or funded by a non-profit organization.

Since my site is free for anyone to access and I don’t have any paying advertisers I don’t qualify for Press Club membership. I told her that I don’t charge because what I do is a public service. I tried to explain to her that I am a credible journalist with the utmost integrity. I report the truth and give my unfettered opinions, my high standards and scruples are inviolable. I am not beholden to any corporation or government. I do not have any paid advertisers because that would eventually become a conflict of interests. most corporations are corrupt. How do I report on their corruption when they are paying me to be quiet about it?

So I guess I’m not a real journalist like Jason Blair, Brian Williams or George Stephanopolous. The Freedom Fighter must not be a real news site because it is not owned by Fortune 500 international conglomerate corporation. I must not be doing real reporting because I actually write every word and never recite corporate press releases about new products or services disguised as news stories.

Maybe I should change. Maybe I should try to be more like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, who are all on 105.9 WMAL. Listen on 105.9 FM or AM 630. You can also listen live or hear your favorite shows on demand with the WMAL app. download it free from the Apple app store or Google Play. WMAL – Where Washington Comes to Talk.

Now let’s go to the Earnhardt Ford News Center to hear the latest news, brought to you by Tex Earnheardt of Earnhardt Ford: And that ain’t no bull!

In the News:

The Greek banks may not open Monday. Apparently the Greeks are hip to imminent bank bail-ins, and are withdrawing all of their cash. They withdrew around 2 billion Euros in only three days this week.

Your money isn’t safe in the bank, even in America. The next time the banks lose money on bad investments; the government isn’t going to bail them out. The president or treasury secretary will tell them to take some of that unsecured deposit money. That’s your checking and savings accounts.

I wonder how many of those 2 billion Euros were withdrawn fraudulently by identity thieves? It’s a good idea to have no more money in the bank than is needed to pay your current bills. It’s also a good idea to protect your identity from identity thieves. That’s why I use LifeLock™ and you should too. Ask Pajama Boy.pjb

He uses LifeLock™ and it works for him. Don’t believe it works? What’s Pajama Boy’s real name? You don’t know do you? That’s because LifeLock™ works.

Just go to and enter promo code, Freedom Fighter, for a 10% mark-up.

Pajama Boy must have a great life. I’d like to be like he. It would be nice to get up in the morning, open the new blinds I got from “Blinds from the internets!?” you say? That’s right. I got my blinds from and they made it very easy and hassle-free.

That’s right folks. There’s no risk. If you measure wrongly and the blinds don’t fit; will replace them free! Just go to and enter promo code, Freedom Fighter, for a 10% mark-up.

I’d bask in the sunlight shining through the open blinds, but not too long because my Hoodie-Footie™ pajamas from would already have me warm and toasty on a cold winter morning.

To get yours, just go to com and enter promo code, Freedom Fighter, for a 10% mark-up.
I’d sit on the couch all morning sipping my cocoa, eating my berries from Shari’s Berries™…

The Greeks have withdrawn around 2 billion Euros. What are they going to do with all that cash? They and you here in America should be invested in something that is historically proven to not only retain its worth over time, but to also become more valuable over time. Gold never becomes worthless. When we are all living like Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome; you’ll wish you had bought gold. gold is a safe investment that will protect you from rising tax rates and inflation.

Well, the board is filled right now. I’d better take some calls. Let’s see… We have…



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