May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

Baltimore Strong: If A Baseball Is Hit In Camden Yards, And No One Is There To Hear It; Does It Make A Sound?

The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.
For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged. – Proverbs 28:1-2

What a bunch of mental slaves, like a herd of kept cattle they act.


Remember the many catch-phrases going around after the 9-11 false-flag operation? They went something like, “If, (fill in the blank), then the terrorists have won”. George Bush told us to go shopping. The Muslim Terrorists hated us because of our freedom. We had to be bold and flaunt those freedoms in their faces, because if we didn’t; the terrorists win.

The Onion even had an article titled,  “If I Don’t Get My Medium-Rare Shell Steak With Roasted Vegetables In The Next 10 Minutes, The Terrorists Have Already Won”.

The point of terrorism is to scare its victims into dysfunction. 

I love the sight of an empty stadium. I think all you sports fanatics/mental slaves should quit your sports obessions and devote that time and energy to something productive; church, family, community, education, entrepreneurship… The types of things our slave-masters distract us from with T.V. and sports, but if you don’t go to the game because of some hoodlums running amuk in the streets; the terrorists win. 

If you are afraid to go to the game now; why weren’t you afraid before? 

A few years ago, I told a friend about the houses in Detroit selling for dollars. He said that sounds like Baltimore. They practically give houses away, he said. I drove there, not far from Camden Yards, and saw why. 

Baltimore Strong

I was told the T.V. Show, “The Wire”, is very realistic, exactly what Baltimore and its people are like. I’ve never seen “The Wire” on T.V., but I saw it in real life that day.

I also saw these:

In 2005 they were different: bigger with signs on them. The scripture on them said something to the effect of a warning that you were entering an area so bad that the cops were unwilling to physically patrol there.

So I ask. If you are afraid to go to the game now; why weren’t you afraid before?

If you live close enough to go to Orioles games; shouldn’t you be well armed and ready for any type of calamity anyway? There are many nice and peaceful places to live from Delaware to Northern Virginia, but there is also Baltimore, a city that inspired a hit crime drama, Prince Georges County, a good place to go and get murdered, and D.C., which used to be the Murder Capitol, but is still a murderful place. Even if you live in a nice part; are you safe? A few years ago, a man attacked the Fairfax Police station with an AR-15. Two snipers terrorized the whole area for a while, and you are all near potential government and military targets for terrorists or invading armies.

Where’s your guns, people of the DMV? Don’t you feel like you have an obligation to protect yourselves, your families, or your country from attack, be it real or false flag?

I never thought I would see Americans so cowardly, toothless, clawless, impotent, incompetent mayors saying to give criminals space to loot and riot,people scared to go to a stupid baseball game…

Did the MLB not know anything about the neighborhood where they chose to put Camden Yards. Did they not know anything about the part of Southwest D.C. where they built the Nationals Park? It’s right down the street from a military target, Navy Yard, that recently experienced a mass shooting. The neighborhood between the base and the stadium is one the worst in D.C. Every time I went there; I’d see people getting arrested. Between “M” SW, “P” SW, 4th SW, and South Capitol; shootings were very common before Nationals Park was built. I was there during all hands on deck week. All hands on deck means all the cops have to work every day that week and they all must be on the streets, even the desk cops. There were cops walking around, driving around and standing on every corner that day.

Someone got shot.

Why haven’t the Nats games been spectatorless?

I’m not the only one seeing your display of weakness.

The stadium won’t be empty long. The abandoned shopping malls won’t be empty long. The closed Wal-Marts due to “plumbing issues” won’t be closed long. They’ll be full of Christians, Anarchists, Freemen, political dissidents and the ilk, because you people will hide in your saferooms instead of pulling your AK’s and AR-15’s off the shelf and helping to defend we patriots against the traitors who will be coming to round us up for the Joy Camps they’ve built for us.

If you allow your city to become run-down like the above picture, if you allow the State to install “1984” cameras on your streets, if you give space to people to steal and destroy, and then don’t go to the game because you fear the people you gave space to; Then you are meat on the table. You are sheep needing protection.

When we’re gone; who’s going to protect you?


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