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Surprised? Barack Obama: Compa De Los Venceremos Y Cuba

Barack Obama is all over the news today because he shook hands with Raul Castro at the funeral of world renowned Communist, Nelson Mandela. The Libruls are loving it. To them it means Obama is finally coming out of the Communist closet and we can finally, openly be Authoritarian Fascists. The Right-Wing thinks the same thing. They said he bounded up the stairs, smiling, with open arms to meet the Dictator like a child when his daddy comes home from work.

It looks to me like he had to walk past the Dictator to get to his seat. It would have been impolite to not greet the man especially since he greeted and shook hands with everyone else. I’m more interested in all the Masonic Shibboleth handshakes and 5 point hugs.5point masoni62 masonic2_5pthug

Is it a big deal that Obama shook hands with with Castro? New World Order Gatekeeper, Rush Limbaugh says no. He said Obama wasn’t sending a message by shaking Catro’s hand. He thnks Obama is too narcissistic to have even recognized him. Limbaugh wouldn’t make a big deal about this because Obama isn’t even interested in Castro’s tiny little island.

I say Obama is very interested in that little island. Cuba is muy lindo y querido (beautiful and dear) to Obama’s heart. Obama is a compa de los Venceremos y cuba (Obama is a buddy of the Venceremos and Cuba).

Obama denies it, but I’m sure he pulled the strings to allow his compas, Jay-Z and Beyoncè to visit there. I’m sure he told him where all the best hotels, restaurants, clubs and cigars are too.

How would he know?

I told you a year and two months ago that he’s been to Cuba. Here is the article below:

If Obama wins the 2012 election; you’d better learn Spanish.

Barack Obama is a Manchurian Candidate. He is a puppet for Bill Ayers, The Weathermen, Fidel Castro and the defunct USSR.

How do I know this?

Well, you should already know of Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine. You should already know that they were in The Weathermen, and you should already know about the Weathermen.

In case you’ve been sleepwalking; here is a video to catch you up on Ayers, The Weathermen, and The Venceremos

Andrew Breitbart said that he had a video that was going to force us to really vet Obama. He said the video showed silver-haired pony-tailed communist talking about taking over America.

Breitbart was assasinated the day before he was to release the video.

An old video of Obama giving a speech was shown. They tried to say it was the video Breitbart was talking about. This video showed no silver-haired communists. The video died with Breitbart, but I believe I may have stumbled upon the information he wanted to reveal.

I was watching a 1982 documentary on terrorism, No Place To Hide. Ten minutes in, Larry Grathwohl comes on and talks about the Weathermen and The Venceremos. While he is talking some very interesting pictures are displayed…

Who is that smiling young man with the hat on the right?

Does he look familiar?

I Think Obama picked up smoking in Cuba?

Isn’t it illegal for us to travel to Cuba?

Did Obama go there anyway with The Venceremos?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Esteemed members of the Venceremos Brigade:

I am proud to be standing here in front of you to report that the mission of the distinguished agent, William Ayers, has culminated in incalculable success. For the first time in the history of the Cuban Revolution, the vanguard of all independent and revolutionary movements around the world, we have been able to infiltrate the government of the United States with an agent of international socialism. Yes, comrades, I refer to our brother in arms,who we met through Ayers that glorious day in our training camp, Barack Obama.
Now, with the guaranteed victory of Obama in the polls, the revolution in Cuba, the revolution in Venezuela,in Bolivia, in Iran, and around the Earth, will have the US as an ally, with all of its political, economic, and military power. In the first month of the Obama presidency, the Comandant predicts that the US will pay reparations to Cuba for their criminal embargo over the many cruel decades.
The Comandant informs us that Obama will surrender to Cuba various nuclear arms in a form of self-defense. In case of a likely coup.
Comrades, we have destroyed Imperialism from the inside, now that it has become difficult to attack from outside. This clandestine campaign, begun 45 years ago, demonstrates that though the fight may be long, he who does not give up will emerge victorious.
We regret that it was the Chicago cell instead of the Miami cell that was able to ascend to the highest governmental position.
Meanwhile, we will continue to support the liberals with fanatical fervor.
Friends, this is the true change. The hope of a new day.

Comrades, yes we can! Long live the Revolution! Long live Fidel! Long live Obama! And long live Cuba!

I believe that Breitbart had better evidence than these pictures. I believe he was assassinated to keep you from knowing that Obama traveled to Cuba to receive instructions/programming from the Soviets via Fidel Castro.

I suggest you watch No Place To Hide. Larry Grathwohl talks about when he infiltrated The Weathermen and learned of their plans for us. When they take over this country they will need to imprison and kill 25 million of us. That was in 1982. The United States’ population has grown considerably since then. That means they’ll need to get rid of much more than 25 million dissenters. Think about that when you go to the voting booth.

Think about those stacks of caskets in Georgia. Think about the billions of hollow point bullets the government is buying.

Obama will be free to carry out his master’s plans during his lame-duck second term.

If I’m able to continue writing this website from the re-education camp; I’ll say, “I told you so.”

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Whose victory do you await?


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