May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

How God-Loving Americans Can Restore Our Country In 9 Simple Steps

Three weeks ago, my pastor said that school districts across the country were allowing students to decide which restrooms and locker rooms they wanted to use. I thought to myself, that either our country will soon see its demise or Jesus would soon return. I asked my pastor if he thought we could receive a reprieve from destruction like Ninevah did many centuries ago if our country had a spiritual revival/revolution. I decided to run for office on a strictly biblical platform. My goals and agenda will be to restore the U.S. to a God-fearing and respecting nation. I also decided to form a coalition of like-minded men to also run for offices in their localities. Our ruling political organization should only comprise God-fearing men. It’s our only hope. As the books of I Kings & II Kings have shown; as the leadership goes, so goes the people. Look at our current so-called authorities: Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, John Edwards, Doug Gansler, Barney Frank, Newt Gingrich, John Mcain, Marion Barry, Rudy Guliani… 90% of them are sexual deviants, thieves and liars. Thousands of babies are aborted daily. Our states are turning into West Hollywood. God cannot be pleased with the status quo. It’s time we all take these 9 steps.

Fellowship of the Minds

FOTM is honored to have a guest-writer today — regular commenter and two-time caption contest winner Mike!!!!!

Please take time to read Mike’s very thoughtful and thought-through essay, then send it to everyone on your contact list via email, Facebook, Twitter . . . . This essay is that important.


prayeratvalleyforgeGeorge Washington prays at Valley Forge


“Did you ever stop to think that the United States is being effectively undermined by less than one percent of the people of our country, of whom only a portion are Communists? Nearly everyone in this one percent has a militant hatred for the basic truths upon which this nation is founded (and without which it cannot endure): that each and every human being is a child of God, created in his image and likeness; that he gets his fundamental rights from God, not from…

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