May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

The Second Coming of the Lord – Tupac

Behold, He is coming with theatrical fog, and every eye will see Him, even they who shot Him on the Strip. And all his people on the left will say, ho!, because of Him. Even so, Amen. For the Lord, Tupac, himself shall ascend from the orchestra pit with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, Snoop Dogg, and with the trump of Dr. Dre: and the people in the crowd shall wave their hands in the air, like they just don’t care:

There was a public testing of Project Blue Beam April, 16 at the annual Coachella music festival. Blue Beam technology was used to display a lifelike projection of the late Tupac Shakur on stage with other performers.

We don’t want you to be easily confused in your mind or upset if you hear that the day of the Lord is already here, whether you hear it through some spirit, a message, or a letter supposedly from us. Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. That day won’t come unless the rebellion comes first and the person who is lawless is revealed, who is headed for destruction. He is the opponent of every so-called god or object of worship and promotes himself over them. So he sits in God’s temple, displaying himself to show that he is God… Now you know what holds him back so that he can be revealed when his time comes. The hidden plan to live without any law is at work now, but it will be secret only until the one who is holding it back is out of the way. Then the person who is lawless will be revealed. The Lord Jesus will destroy him with the breath from his mouth. When the Lord comes, his appearance will put an end to him. When the person who is lawless comes, it will happen through Satan’s effort, with all kinds of fake power, signs, and wonders. It will happen with every sort of wicked deception of those who are heading toward destruction because they have refused to love the truth that would allow them to be saved. This is why God will send them an influence that will mislead them so that they will believe the lie. The result will be that everyone will be judged who is not convinced by the truth but is happy with injustice. – 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12

It is probably impossible to find any Government documentation of Project Blue Beam. The only information I can find is about Serge Monast’s writings, articles about Monast using Star Trek scripts to come up with Blue Beam and/or learning about it from disinformation agents who used Star Trek fiction to mislead Monast, and sites about Blue Beam being a hoax and not existing.

Blue Beam is not a hoax. Blue Beam is the hoax. The Bible told us about Project Blue Beam long before Gene Roddenberry or Serge Monast. Look around you and see evidence of it for yourself.

Can’t you see that people are much different now? Do you notice that most conversations are about what happened on TV? Do you notice how many people outside are wearing headphones and looking at screens while walking around? Do you notice how many people are on laptops in cafés and typing on phones in restaurants even while with other people?

It is obvious to the parents suing Apple because their kids are brainwashed and addicted to apps. Watching TV makes you stupid. TV lowers the brain waves enough to turn you into a suggestible, sleep-walking zombie.

And that’s what we are:


This 15 year-old was walking with her friend, holding on to a cellphone, getting ready to send a text message, when she says; she just dropped into the open sewer.

The lamppost Pad is set to revolutionize the high street. If a pilot study in Brick Lane shows a marked reduction in text related injuries; then these little babies could be rolled out across the country.

Here I'm gonna take a hard right for no apparent reason, and I'm not gonna see that plant and I'm gonna run directly into the wall, look up to make sure no on saw. Whoops. Yeah, that lady saw - and she'll put a hand over the mouth here to hide her laughter.

Bonnie Miller came forward to the press to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while walking, after trying to thumb out an appointment time, sent her strolling into space off the South Pier...

So, the solution is to pad the poles and make this phenomenon look cool and trendy?

Alex Jones talked about people walking into holes, walking out into traffic… Now this is coming.

They have you on their diet of control. They have you essentially lobotomized with their pharmaceuticals and vaccines, and they’re finishing it off with their technology and entertainment.

They are acclimating you.

“On the planet below, people are beginning to receive mental impressions of a returning God.” – Gene Roddenberry

And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not: For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things. – Mark 13:21-23

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. – Revelation 13:13-15

Do not be deceived. The technology to do so has been around for many decades. You will see marvelous things. You will hear voices in your head. These experiences will be so real that it will be very difficult to not believe. Fortunately, Jesus has already warned us. Unfortunately, many people don’t know or believe the teachings of Jesus, so allow me to give you secular evidence:

Bill Clinton gave a sincere apology to the victims of MK-Ultra experiments.

October 2, 2001 Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced H.R.2977 — Space Preservation Act of 2001 to the 107th Congress. The original bill called for the banning of…

the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations – Library of Congress

Why was this part removed? Was it discovered that those technologies were impossible and didn’t exist, or was it decided that these technologies and tactics were too essential to be banned?

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. … The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.” – Dr. José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado

I’m going for the latter because I’ve read the patents. I know they exist:

The Blue Beam debunking sites say it is impossible to display holographs in the air. In 1993 Space Marketing, Inc. proposed a space-based mylar billboard that would have appeared the same size as the moon, but a screen is unnecessary. What about the sodium layer? It has already been used to display images. What is this?

No screen, and nowhere near the sodium layer

There are numerous patents for technologies that allow an individual to hear audio that is inaudible to everyone else. They work by directing and transmitting the audio signal towards the victim’s body. The audio is broadcast at frequencies lower than what can be perceived by the human ear. When the signal is carried on lasers or microwaves; it is heard in the victim’s head, but inaudible to anyone else.

These technologies were developed to enable deaf people to hear. They are typically called Neurophones, after the first device of its ilk patented in 1968 by 16 year-old Pat Flanagan.

In 1968, the Neurophone had to contact the user to work. Now, the technology is wireless. Satellites can be used to display images, cause you to hear things, and read and control your mind.

"The great duel, the mother of all battles has begun. The dawn of victory nears as this great showdown begins." - Saddam Hussein
They were ready for a big fight - until we used the SSSS on them. The voices in their heads caused a change of heart.

There is technology that will allow you to control computers and machines with your thoughts. They are able to recreate images from your dreams. Force feedback is the technology that makes your X-Box™ joystick move and shake in response to what is happening on-screen. With more sophisticated equipment, ie virtual reality gloves, you will actually feel the images you are manipulating. I’ve yet to find any evidence of force feedback working without the user’s/victim’s knowledge. If it isn’t already possible; it is all that is needed to complete the plot. Imagine you are witnessing the return of Jesus. You see wondrous sights in the sky, you hear sounds you’ve never heard before, Jesus speaks to you, the angels sing, and you remember this article. Just as you’re considering that it may be a false flag operation; Jesus touches you! They can make it happen. They can do it well enough to fool anyone. Just because you don’t see these gadgets at Best Buy® doesn’t mean it they don’t exist. Remember, God stopped the tower of Babel because if they had succeeded in that, we would be able to do anything we could think of. King Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun. If I could think of it; someone else, someone able to do it, could think of it too, and make it happen.

Send me an email, and I’ll give you a list of patents that will take you three days to read.

“If God can make the earth and sky and the force that makes people and trees live, then inventing anything less than this should be relatively simple.” – Patrick Flanagan

The M!@#$%&*?*!s got in my head. Tried to make me someone else instead. It's my world now... Mama, why's it rainin' in my room? ...It's my world you can't have it... Sucker! Get'em out my head... Who's in charge of my head today? Dancin' devils in angels way. It's my time now... I'm gonna make my head my home... God it feels like it only rains on me... Enough's enough! - Metallica

What will you do to keep them out of your head? Break out the tin foil hats? Kylie Minogue displays all the symptoms of MK-Ultra/Monarch programming. Maybe she has the answer.

I just can't get you out of my head


Stylish protection for your head, neck and shoulders

Unlined scarf is pure Silver Lining fabric, nicely hemmed. Light yet soft, durable and washable, a full 36″ x 36″. Wear it “as is” or use it to line your favorite silk scarf. Can be tied around the neck, or head, or draped as shown. Provides 99% or better shielding to 1 GHz and beyond.

Silver Lining Scarf (Cat. #A204) …….. $80.00

Boy, its more than I dare to think about


RF Shielding for Your Mind

Stretchy Silver-coated nylon skull cap with ear flaps is lightweight and breathes nicely. Comfortable enough to wear year-round while sleeping, thin enough to be worn under a conventional hat or all on its own. Stretchy, so it conforms to your head.

Microwave Shielding Effect: >35dB at 1-10 GHz. Surface resistivity: <0.5 Ohm/sq. Sound quality is not affected. Ear flaps can be tucked under to make a beanie shape if you prefer. Ok, it’s not a Royal wedding “Fascinator” but if you prefer comfortable, practical, effective RF shielding over fashion, this is the hat for you.

Brain Coat (Cat. #A221) ………… $49.95

Every night
Every day


Shields Eyes and Entire Face

If your eyes or face burn when you use your TV or computer, now you can shield irritating electric field and RF with this simple shield. Adjustable elastic head strap and replaceable visor which can flip up. Comfortable for extended wear. Uses ClearShield plastic film as the shielding component. Order additional ClearShield for replacement visors.

EMF Face Shield (Cat. #A260) ……… $44.95

There's a dark secret in me


Gain Control of Your Inner Environment

#A205 T-Shirt

Very sheer, comfortable undergarments you can wear over your regular underwear to shield yourself from powerline and computer electric fields, and microwave, radar, and TV radiation. This silver-plated, stretchable, washable nylon mesh is electrically conductive. It provides EMF radiation protection by reflection. Plus you won’t get those static shocks as you used to in dry weather and your clothes won’t cling to you! Fabric provides up to 35dB of shielding at 100 MHz. Made in USA. Surround what you want to protect!

Set me free


Using 99.9% Pure Silver and Comfortable Stretch

The perfect way to shield your ears. Comfortable enough to sleep in, and stylish enough to wear in public. High shielding performance silver stretch fabric gives excellent radio frequency and microwave shielding. Made of double thickness 2″ wide 71% polyamide + 29% elastomer fiber. Ideal for cellphone shielding or any other activity when you need to shield your ears and forehead. Thin enough to fit under a hat or helmet. Durable and unwrinkleable, washable too (no bleach). Silver provides anti-bacterial properties and suppresses odor. Folds small for easy transport. Pretty Silver color.

Radiation Blocking Headband (Cat. #A218) …………… $24.95

Yes, much better than covering yourself in Reynolds Wrap™, but I may have a better idea…

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. – Psalm 91:1-8

Thank you. Thank you all very much. I love you. Goodnight Coachella!

The reward of the wicked

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