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Guns! Part 2 – The Progression To Repeal the Second Amendment Is Happening 2 Fast 2 Furious

Come talk to us

We just want to help

 Do you feel down? Depressed? Angry? How about your kids? Do they ever act up or rebel?

Do you want to talk about it?

Do you want to talk to the Government about it? The Government cares about you, you know. They just want you and your kids to feel and do better. We’re here to help. Let us help you. Come talk to us. Tell us all about how sad, depressed and angry you feel. Let your kids tell us why they act disruptive and disobedient. Let your kids tell us why they feel rage and what they want to do about it.

We’re the Government. We just want to help you. We’ll pay for your transportation to our laboratories and clinics. We’ll give you free drugs and pay you to let us poke and prod and experiment on you. We’ll give you a free cell phone with free service (to track your movements with).

How do you feel about the second amendment?

Do you own a gun? If not, do you think you’ll ever want to get one? Will your children ever need or want a gun?

Be careful who you tell your personal problems too. In the wrong hands; that information could be used against you.

Maybe it should. Every “crazy”, or depressed person is an inevitable murderer, right?

Appendix I Identifying prohibited purchasers:

The mentally ill

The Gun Control Act as amended prohibits the sale
of a firearm to several categories of potential
purchasers, including persons who have been
adjudicated as a mental defective or have been
committed to a mental institution.

Regulations of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives (ATF) define this mental
health category as —

* individuals who have been adjudicated as a mental
defective, meaning —
“(a) A determination by a court, board,
commission, or other lawful authority that a person,
as a result of marked subnormal intelligence, or
mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease:
(1) Is a danger to himself or to others; or
(2) Lacks the mental capacity to contract or manage
his own affairs.

Apart from the category of adjudicated commitments,
the mental health information that is checked during
investigations of firearm purchasers varies among the

California included in its check of mental health
records information on individuals who have
communicated serious threats of violence to a
licensed therapist.  – Department of Justice

You don’t need to be a raving lunatic, dragged away and committed to an institution by men in white coats to be disqualified from gun ownership. A board, commission, or other lawful person or in California, a licensed therapist can declare you to be incompetent to possess a firearm.

Be careful who you talk to. There is a covert war against the second amendment going on.

It is shameful what a bunch of weak, feminized, sleepwalking, pushover sheep the American people have become. Obama said we get the government we deserve. Did you hear the attorney general say that Madison Avenue makes him buy stuff he doesn’t need? We deserve Eric Holder.

My father used to bring his gun to school on days the school gun club met. Now people get arrested for drawing pictures of guns. Eric Holder said our attitudes toward guns need to be changed the way our attitudes toward smoking were. I remember when kids brought Styrofoam cups to school to spit in. They had to chew tobacco in class because smoking wasn’t allowed inside. Now smokers are treated like lepers. They are lucky tobacco isn’t a dangerous controlled substance.

Dr. Snitch will be with you shortly

(1) the NICS Prohibited Persons Index (NICS Index),
containing records of persons prohibited by the Gun
Control Act to purchase a firearm — those
dishonorably discharged from the armed services,
persons who have renounced U.S. citizenship,
mental defectives, controlled substance abusers,
and illegal/unlawful aliens           – Department of Justice

Be careful who you send you children to for health care. How many kids do you think have never experimented with drugs? Of course anyone who has ever smoked a joint will inevitably commit murder, right?

The Constitution guarantees us our right to keep and bear arms. The Declaration of Independence says that God has given us the right to Life and the Pursuit of Happiness. Unfortunately there are people and animals that will deprive us of the right to live if we don’t have the power to stop them. A dangerous criminal should be in prison. A madman who is a danger to himself and others should be committed to an institution. These people should not be released until they are rehabilitated. If they are rehabilitated; that means they are no longer criminals or mentally incompetent.

You are either free or not free. Free individuals have the right to keep and bear arms as per the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. An incarcerated or involuntarily committed person has no right or need to be armed. A free person does. It is not right to deny someone this God-given right because of his past or because you think he’s crazy. If a person shouldn’t have a gun; that person shouldn’t be living free with the rest of us.

I wrote this article because I heard a man on the radio say that when he went to buy a gun, policemen were at the store. After he filled the application they asked him about some therapy he had. They asked him if he told his therapist he was depressed. They arrested him when he said yes.

The Trinidad neighborhood of Washington D.C. was notorious for weekly shootings. It was called Gunslinger’s Alley. One night six people were shot. The next night, twelve. I was somewhat afraid to live there. Everyday seeing the lewd, depraved, despicable and debauched condition and behaviour of some of my neighbors depressed me.

Don’t tell anyone.

Have you told the wrong doctors and therapists too much information?

Point of contact States that check mental health records
New Jersey

Point of contact States that do not check
mental health records
New York
North Carolina

Not point of contact States. They do not provide mental
health information to the FBI’s NICS Index.
North Dakota
South Dakota
New Mexico
South Carolina
West Virginia
New Hampshire
Rhode Island – Department of Justice

Don’t let all this drive you crazy. If the Supreme Court upholds the Affordable Care Act; in the future it will be very difficult to procure private, personal health care.

If you don’t study history, you are doomed to repeat it. Obamacare is modeled after the failed socialized health systems of other countries.

Why did Fidel Castro use a Spanish doctor? Why did the governor of Newfoundland come to America for surgery?

These systems are designed for the Government to have complete and total control over every aspect and minutiae of your life and body. If they allow or make it easy for you to be taken care of by private doctors without official consent and knowledge; they won’t have that power over you. Private health care in Canada is practically illegal. Our system is designed to bankrupt the private insurance system and leave us with no choice but them.

3. Mental Health Courts Initiative undertaken

In 2000 Congress enacted the “America’s Law
Enforcement and Mental Health Project” to establish
demonstration mental health courts. These courts
exist for improving supervision of and delivery of
services to mentally ill offenders.

BJA is administering the Mental Health Courts
Program in collaboration with the Substance Abuse
and Mental Health Services Administration in the
Department of Health and Human Services. This
program supports “mental health court demonstration
projects that mobilize communities to implement
innovative, collaborative efforts to bring systemwide
improvements in the way they address adult
offenders with mental disabilities or

In FY 2003 BJA provided over $2 million to establish
mental health courts that provide continuous juridical
oversight and intensive case management.

BJS will work with BJA to ensure that recipients of
Mental Health Court Program grants focus on
disposition reporting. State and Federal authorities
should have accurate and complete records on
persons who fall within the purview of the Gun
Control Act if they are processed through the mental
health courts.  – Department of Justice

It will be very difficult to find a health care workers who are not involved with Big Brother in some way. Be careful what you tell them. They will definitely use trivial information to deprive you of your rights.
Are you a prepper? Did you spank your kids? Did you cry at a funeral? Did someone make you mad? Do feel guilty? Hopeless? Worthless? Who should you talk to?


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