May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

If it Quacks Like a Duck…

My WordPress stats page reports that the search term, is Sandra Fluke a lesbian, is very popular today. I’ve heard the rumors. I don’t have proof, but I have this picture.

What do you think? Does she look like the kind of woman who wants to be a man’s wife and a loving mother? Gentlemen, does she look approachable? Would you go up to her and ask her out? Would you hire her to be your lawyer? I love God-Fearing, conservative women not these short-haired, pants-wearing FemiNazis. They are saying the Republicans are waging war against women. I say that Sandra Fluke is waging war against women for three years now. You might think that doesn’t make sense because she claims to be an advocate for women’s reproductive rights. Eleanor Holmes Norton said she represents women. The labels are meant to mislead you. Women’s Liberation, Women’s Rights, NOW, et al are not for the things that are truly good for women. They are trying to convince you that the issue is health and that birth control is healthy for women. The truth is that birth control pills cause deadly blood clots. The agenda is present even in this article. WebMD tells you the truth of the matter, but makes sure to also say that pregnancy carries more risk than the pill. After five decades of these organizations and movements; what is the condition of the participants? These movements have not resulted in improved conditions or better health for women. These women are not happier than their grandmothers.

“If many of you were to tear up all your “britches,” you would have to wear a barrel to the store to get something else to wear. The way you look in them, a barrel would fit you perfectly, too! There’s not a man in this room tonight who wonders why it’s wrong for a woman to wear slacks, unless he thinks it’s okay to examine a woman like you would a pig at a county fair. You know it’s true!” – Pastor Jack Hyles

Fluke’s ilk are like pigs; the animal and the countries:

Portugal Ireland Greece Spain – I didn’t make up the acronym.

Do you understand that the these nations and the people lived like pigs and that is why they are suffering now. This is why the suffering will soon come to America.

Pig’s in the mud When he tires

Pig’s in zen…

Pig is nude Unashamed…

Talkin bout the pig

Goddamned pig

Pig mounts sow

When he’s wound

Pig eats shit

But only when he hungers

Pig’s in zen

Oh, I know about war

I know about pain and suffering and being cold

But I just wanna f!@#$

The pig is led to the slaughter

This he says

Is the price some pay

For a simple life

How he feels

Thats proof for him

– Jane’s Addiction


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