May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

Whitney Who?

And I Will Always Love You

I saw the coolest thing happen today.

A young man, his wife and their toddler walked into a restaurant and sat down for dinner. He wasn’t wearing a uniform, but looked like a Marine because of his haircut. The gentleman at the table next to him was close enough to hear their conversation and most likely overheard him saying something about his involvement with the Marines; maybe something about being glad to be back with his family or his anguish over having to soon leave his lovely wife and child to fight in some far-away, God-forsaken land. The manager of the restaurant told me that the gentleman surreptitiously handed her his credit card and instructed her to pay for the family’s meal and only tell him, Semper Fi. She did so and when she told the Marine, Semper Fi, and his bill, which had to be at least $100, was taken care of; he told her to tell the Samaritan, Oo-Rah.

Fellow Americans, and Freedom Fighters: Don’t forget the people who risk their lives for us. Don’t forget the true heroes who didn’t make it home to their spouses and children. You may be unable to pay for someone’s $100 meal, but it is free to walk up to a soldier, police officer, or firefighter, shake that man or woman’s hand and say, thank you for your service.

Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, DJ AM, Layne Staley, Mike Starr, Mikey Welsh, Micheal Jackson, Andrew Wood, Hillel Slovack, Jay Reatard, Pimp C, Kurt Kobain, Jam Master Jay, Elliot Smith, Whitney Houston… Who will be next? There will be plenty more. It’s no wonder that so many celebrities abuse drugs to the point of killing themselves. They work in an industry that worships death.

The music/entertainment industry gives us many talented people and it is nice to enjoy what they do, but these people are not suitable role models and certainly should not be idolized.

I think if you could see through the all the lights, the glitz, the glamour, their attractive, smiling faces, riches, and their siren songs, to see what kind of people they truly are; you might not want to listen to their music, or watch their TV shows and movies anymore.

A friend asked me if I believe it is true that people like these give blood sacrifices to have success. We then began listing some possible blood sacrifices:
Leslie Carter, Eric Clapton’s son, Kanye West’s mother, Queen Latifah’s brother, Jay-Z’s nephew, Dr. Dre’s son, Lady Gaga’s friend, Lina Morgana, Obama’s grandmother…

I’m not accusing anyone of murder; just something to think about when the next celebrity dies.


8 responses

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  6. Oh, I wouldn’t know how one music genre to the next is compared to Satanism, excepting the groups that I listened to, specifically because I heard a lot of crap about it from parents (when I was a teen and the acts were new. ) I brush that off anyway. One person’s Marilyn Manson is another person’s Alice Cooper, and even Elvis was considered lascivious in his day. Funny when you see what passes for shocking now.
    Sadly though, because of the exorbitant amount of money generated by Hollywood and music stars, they will continue to be treated as “special” and above the rest of us, and I don’t think there’s really anything the rest of us “normal” people can do about it. We just have to honor our veterans ourselves.
    I don’t agree with you assessment of those at the top of the chain of command though, my father-in-law being a Lt. Col. before his retirement.
    Kudo’s to you however for going through flight school. I hope you were able to do something beneficial with what you learned.

    March 11, 2012 at 18:20

  7. I do actually agree in many ways. This is something, in the wake the ridiculous media circus that has been made of Whitney Houston’s death, that needs to be said. I definitely agree that our military people (and I have family here too) are heroes. My only disagreement with all this would be that your blog seems to imply that military people are somehow more “people” than stars. I really do agree that SOME of these stars are wasting their talents by not acknowledging their drug problems, however that isn’t the case with all of these people , and a lot of them died at the crux of the drug revolution (before there was D.A.R.E., in other words). It is true a lot of stars are lauded for things that really shouldn’t be praised (at the least they should not be raised to the level of a demi-god.) Similarly, it may not be as often reported, but how many military people do you think have succumbed to addiction after active service, particularly at times of conflict. Does this make them less worthy as role models? Some would even argue (pacifists I imagine) that active duty is “an industry of death.” Contrary to that, what about people who were ALL of these things? Elvis was in the military, and a famous and great musician, AND an abuser of alcohol. Also I do not consider all of those people you named to be musicians that have made a significant contribution to music history, but certainly there are a few names there of people that have (jimi, janis, kurt, layne,- and as much as I hate to say it-MJ, to name a few) that HAVE heavily contributed to the evolution of new music in more than just a passing way. To say that there will “always be more” of them downplays their contributions. Just something to think about.

    February 22, 2012 at 17:59

    • I don’t believe veterans who succumb to addiction are less worthy role models. Except for Elvis. He was considered by many to be immoral and causing the youth to fall with him. He served only because he was drafted, and after his service he abused drugs to the point of his destruction. At least that’s what we’re told. Colonel Parker could have been a murderer like Clive Davis too.
      As for pacifism… That is why I didn’t serve myself. I went to private flying school instead. I think it’s hard enough to just fly the plane and land safely without worrying about shooting people and dodging bullets and missiles too.
      It is also a death industry, but unfortunately a necessary one. I have great respect and love for the regular enlisted soldiers. Those at the top of the chain of command though; are just as evil and devil-worshipping as those who control the music industry.
      Your site says you like metal, but you don’t feel the musicians I named are significant? I just noticed an absence of metal musicians from my lists. Ironic how metal was the devil’s music in the 80’s, but now if you look for occult in the music industry online; all you see is rappers. Do you think it is because metal isn’t popular enough for those musicians to be admitted to the club? What about Cliff Burton though? Do you think he could have been a sacrifice? Dave Mustaine was a devil worshipper at that time. Metallica and Megadeth did become very succesful after his death like how these pop stars blow up after someone close to them dies too. Anyway, I was just upset because a Fireman in my city died the same day as Houston. He was responding to a car fire on the freeway and fell off a bridge. When I saw the Marine in the restaurant and was told the story; I wanted to give honor to the Police, Firefighters, and Soldiers who I felt deserved it more than entertainer. The Bible says that there is no one good. I wouldn’t try to make any one person better than another, though I know there are some people better than I.

      March 11, 2012 at 18:09

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