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Could This Be the End of Football? Thinking About It Makes My Head Hurt

Rush Limbaugh said today that long ago he predicted football would be banned during his lifetime. Two hours later I read an article in the Washington Examiner by Thom Loverro titled, On concussions, here’s some motherly advice.

Loverro says Five times, “mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be football players.”

How can I say this politely?

America is becoming, how should I say, another word for, kitten?

Have you heard all the recent stories of balls being banned from playgrounds because they might hurt someone? How about the new ban and $1000 fine for tossing footballs and frisbees on LA County beaches? How about kids being punished for scoring too many points in sports competitions? Have you noticed the recent trends of not scoring, rating, or awarding kids because the inferior kids’ feelings could be hurt?

Why is football so important to Congress? Maxine Waters is one of the NFL’s biggest critics in this matter. She wants to repeal their anti-trust exemption. With Water’s involved; this certainly portends a bleak future for football.

Why should the Government be at all involved in sports?

King Edward III banned football (soccer) in 1349. “Football and other recreations distracted the populace from practicing archery, which was necessary for war, and after the great loss of life that had occurred during the Black Death, England needed as many archers as possible.” – Wikipedia

Religion is opiate for the masses. Sports is religion for the heathens. Religion and sports to keep the sleep-walking sheep in order.

If a football ban happens in my lifetime; I’m sure that the real reason won’t be because of concussions. Doesn’t everyone know that playing any sport is risky? Are we too incompetent to make our own decisions?

History repeats itself. The Government may not experience a shortage of archers, but if there is no football; what will all those kids do instead?

But isn’t that even more violent and dangerous? Yes it is.

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. – Matthew 24:9-10

Have you seen The Running Man? Who do you think will be the gladiators to torture and kill the Christians and dissidents in the future?


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