May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

Spring Cleaning at Mcpherson Square

The Current Occupiers

The Park Police temporarily evicted Occupy DC from Mcpherson Square in Washington DC, early February 4. Streets were closed for many blocks surrounding the park, disrupting traffic and commerce for over 12 hours.

The Park Police is only enforcing the no-camping rules and cleaning the park of the illegal camping equipment, trash, bottles of urine and dead rodents.

The cleaning crew wore Haz-mat suits.

After the clean-up; the occupiers will be free to return.



How many times should we have to clean up this mess?

Mcpherson Square was a nice place to take a break and watch ducks, or have lunch.

The park was remodeled and beautiful right before the Occupation started; now it’s a dump.

While standing there, taking these pictures; I saw more rats than I’ve seen in this city’s alleys.

These Occupation people are not good stewards of the land, and I don’t see how they can be taken seriously if the above picture is their idea of urban planning and living.


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