May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

7 Tweets for Civil Disobedience


Twitter is going to filter and censor tweets in countries that may find them offensive. If you don’t plan to travel abroad and feel like practicing some civil disobedience; here are a few things you could have fun tweeting:

1. Throw out the royal family and install a democratic republic !                                                    #KingBhumibolAdulyadej  #Thailand

2. The holocaust never happened. #Hungary

3. We should change our name back to #Burma. #Myanmar

4. The royal family is oppressive and keeps slaves. #SaudiArabia

5. God is Supreme in the universe and Jesus is his only begotten Son! #Afghanistan  #Pakistan

6. Let’s meet at the park in the morning and practice our Falun Gung moves. #China

7. I don’t want to be “disappeared” and expatriated. #USA #NDAA

“Do you see what I see? Truth is an offense. Your silence for your confidence. Do you hear what I hear? Doors are slamming shut. Limit your imagination, keep you where they must. Do you feel what I feel? Bittering distress. Who decides what you express? Do you take what I take? Endurance is the word. Moving back instead of forward seems to me absurd.

Doesn’t matter what you see. Or into it what you read. You can do it your own way. If it’s done just how I say. Independence limited. Freedom of choice made for you my friend. Freedom of speech is words that they will bend. Freedom with their exception.” – Metallica


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