May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

It Starts a Hooverville and Ends, Escape From New York

As of  January 30, 2012; sleeping in Mcpherson Square and Freedom Plaza is illegal. What does this mean for the Occupy Movement?

Except for a man who police tasered and arrested for tearing up Park Police notices; the deadline passed without incident. The occupiers are determined to stay. I heard a man at Mcpherson Square say that he was ready for the cops, and would fight them off with the stick he was carrying.

He won’t need to because the government is letting them stay, as long as they keep vigil. I find the rules contradictory and confusing. Camping and camping paraphernalia are not allowed in the park, but an empty symbolic tent is.

Mellon pulled the whistle, Hoover rang the bell, Wall Street gave the signal And the country went to hell.

Are there any similarities to the first Occupy Movement; the Hoovervilles of 1932?

They were war veterans denied their payment for their honorable service to our country. After becoming destitute they came to Washington and said they were staying until they were paid what they were promised by President Hoover. Around 2000 veterans camped and built shanties in different parts of D.C. including the White House Lawn, but the difference is; they had a specific grievance that the sought to redress. They knew exactly who was responsible for their troubles and went directly to the responsible parties.

Why isn’t the Occupation at Lafayette Square?

Building a shantytown is not an assembly. Murders, rapes, public drug use, threats of violence and disrupting commerce is not peaceable. What have these people done to petition the government for a redress of their grievances? I think the Occupation is unconstitutional. The Park Police should expel these people from the parks or just let them have it and turn it into Escape From New York.

Escape from New York (soundtrack)

Coming to your city soon.


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