May Your Chains Set Lightly Upon You

How To Answer a Racist Question?

If you are 18 and not a Liberal; you have no heart. If you are 40 and not a Conservative; you have no brain. I finally realized; I was a Conservative and the difference between the Left and Right-Wing Ideologies when I was, 30.

California had a Proposition to outlaw questions of race on government forms. I felt that voting in favor of this proposed law would help to realize Martin Luther King’s dream of racial harmony.

My friend and I had an interesting argument about this. We agreed on most things, but for different reasons.

We both would like to see a racism and prejudice-free world, but  our reasons and methods of attaining this goal are very different.

He felt that collecting racial information was crucial to the survival of certain

If you legally reside inside these lines; you're an American

races. More Latinos in the Washington suburbs of Maryland get hit by cars than other races. I feel like we are all Americans. Who are we paying to figure this out? Those are people getting hit by cars. If I’m in the hospital because of a hit-and-run; I want more attention paid to my health than race.

Why didn’t the reporter, Marlo Diaz, ask, what the Mayor would do for the American Community tonight?

Why do you, Mr. Diaz, seek benefits from the government, exclusively for the Latino Community?

How much for jus d'orange?

Mr. Diaz, the United States spent 11.4% of its Foreign Aid in the Latino Community. Most of that was probably spent fighting the war on drugs.

Mr. Diaz, do you really want more of what the United States Government has to offer the Latino Community? United Fruit Company? Coups? CIA Assassinations? You do know that we gave Hugo Chavez cancer, right?

What do you want the Government to do for the Latino Community? More Mexicans killed in the Drug War than people killed in the War against Terror?

What will I do for the Latino Community tonight? Give them English Lessons.

Rick Santorum is a racist because he won’t give Black People, other people’s money.

Are any of you a, Black-Marlo Diaz? Do you want to ask the Mayor what he is going to do for the Black Community tonight? Housing Projects, Crack, Fatherless Families, Bloods & Crips, Detroit…

This is what results in Cradle to Grave Government support in every aspect of your personal life. This is the future for people who ask politicians what they’re going to do for any race, any group of people or individual. Marlo Diaz should have asked, what will the Mayor do for The Constitution? What will he do to restore Individual Liberty? What laws will he repeal?

Jesus taught forgiveness. If any of us want to live in a world free of Racism and Prejudice and Genocide; you must forgive those who have wronged your race. Just because they were Racist towards your people doesn’t mean that you should reciprocate.

This isn’t a situation to fight fire with fire. Racism will not end until YOU stop being racist first.


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