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What’s a Trillion Dollars Amongst Friends?

We’re going to spend another trillion dollars to keep open “key” government agencies for one year. Republicans and Democrats are both agreeing on this. How come no one is asking, “Why does it cost over a trillion dollars a year to run the government?” Who in congress is working to cut the size and expense of government? How much of this is constitutional?

• $8.4 billion for EPA. Why? I love the environment as much as anybody else, but couldn’t the environment be better protected locally?

• $518 billion for the Pentagon, an increase of $5 billion over last year. OK. National defense is the federal government’s responsibility.

• $850 million for counterinsurgency aid in Pakistan. Why? I thought our paying for their Sesame St. show was going to make the terrorists not want to be terrorists anymore.

• $5 billion for AIDS. I’ll give you the cure to AIDS free. Don’t have gay sex. Get married, stay married, be faithful to your spouse. Don’t share needles. There you go; $5 billion dollars saved.

• $32 billion for energy and water programs. Is there not enough private companies making energy and supplying water? Since $32 billion of our tax money is paying for energy and water; do we still have to pay a bill for our energy and water?

• $21 billion for agencies that regulate banking. We already have police, sheriffs, lawyers, Better Business Bureau, FDIC, Federal Reserve, FTC, SEC, FINRA… How much more regulation does banking need? Is one more agency and another billion dollars going to result in no one ever losing a single dollar anymore?

• $12 billion for Treasury. Didn’t we write Timothy Geithner a $700 billion dollar check three years ago? Did he spend it all already?

• $71 billion for Education. Teachers in Atlanta are taking the tests for the students. Almost 50% percent of Detroit is illiterate. Most newspapers, magazines and TV news shows have incorrect grammar and misspelled words. Many waiters have degrees, but they did not study waiting tables in college. It’s not a problem that more money will solve. Education is a local and personal issue.

• $42 billion for the State Department and Foreign Operations.

• $3 billion for Israel.

• $39 billion for Homeland Security that includes nearly $12 billion for Customs and Border Patrol and nearly $6 billion for Immigration and Custom Enforcement. Why is there a DHS? The DOD, CIA, ICE, and the FBI were unable to protect us from what happened September 11, 2001, so the solution is to make another government agency? One more agency and another $39 billion dollars spent, and we can all go about our business now. Everything is safe. $18 billion for Border Patrol and ICE. Does that mean I won’t have to push a button for English anymore? Does that mean I won’t have anymore co-workers upset with me because I don’t speak Spanish?

How much are we spending to extend unemployment benefits? Did you hear Nancy Pelosi saying that the extension would create 600,000 jobs? She said unemployment insurance has macroeconomic effects. She says macroeconomic like she just learned the word 15 minutes ago. Unfortunately she might be right. Unemployment checks are certainly stimulating the cable, weed, alcohol, Xbox, and couch sectors of the economy.

Rep. Allen West (R.–Fla.) said the conversation on Capitol Hill has finally changed. What’s changed; spending trillions at a time instead of billions?

Rep. Jeff Flake (R.–Ariz.) and Rep. Bobby Schilling (R.–Ill.) voted against the bill. They both spoke of not having sufficient time to review the bill. Flake said “We’ll be discovering for months to come what’s actually in it.” God bless these two patriots for being responsible civil servants and not subjecting us to laws that even congress doesn’t understand.

Every cloud has a silver lining though: The bill outlaws tax money for abortions in Washington DC. and light bulbs will be legal for one more year.

The Senate votes on the bill today. I’m sure it will easily pass through that house as well and soon be signed by the President. This enormous government is too precious too these people to ever go unfunded and “shutdown” for any amount of time.


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